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Dry Vans in Quebec

Built to Help Maximize Profits

From the exterior lining down to the smallest detail, our dry vans, which are available across Quebec, are designed to meet the many requirements of domestic businesses. Action Utility Québec Inc.’s trailers are the result of superior quality engineering, state-of-the-art technology, and work carried out by an experienced team. Our trailers provide the performance you are looking for, at the best price.


4000D-X Composite® Main Specs

4000 dx
Les murs extérieurs

The exterior composite walls are solidly attached to the interior side walls with polyurethane foam, endowing the side walls with remarkable resistance and unparalleled durability with a lower tare weight.

La porte de chargement

The stainless steel rear door frame eis rust-resistant, to reduce maintenance costs and ensure a higher resale value.

Le revêtement intérieur

The interior lining with embedded logistics posts is designed and tested to provide maximum side wall resistance. This model’s rear door is 101 inches wide and makes it possible to secure all types of cargo with great flexibility.

espace de chargement

The cubic load space has been optimized to carry up to 4,085 cubic feet of cargo. Thanks to this loading capacity, the 4000D-X Composite® model allows you to maximize productivity.

Les cloisons sans accrochage

The galvanized Snag-Free® interior lining is fastened and fully embedded into the exterior walls and side skin, creating a highly resistant composite side wall that protects against snags.

Les panneaux remplaçables

The “Post & Sheet” design means that each panel is a single piece that’s easy to replace. This minimizes costs when one of the interior or exterior panels gets damaged.

Learn More

Read our information brochure about the 4000D-X Composite® trailer or visit the Utility Trailer website for additional details about our dry vans. Watch these videos to

see our trailers in action!

Presenting the 4000D-X Composite® Trailer

Side Wall Strength Test

Contact our team to order our light and solid dry van in Quebec.

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