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Refrigerated Vans Across Quebec

The number one selling refrigerated van in North America

Over the years, Utility has been working to innovate and contribute to the advancement of the transportation industry, and maximizing ROIs by distributing its refrigerated vans across Quebec and all over Canada. This innovation combines lightness, robustness, and reliability.


3000R® Main Specs

La porte arrière Barrier Door®

The rear Barrier Door® optimizes the trailer’s thermal efficiency by preventing heat transfers thanks to a “sandwich” design that maintains the indoor temperature at your desired level.

Our patented insulation technology is the best on the market. Our 360-degree insulation process effectively controls the van’s temperature, since the refrigeration units are on as little as possible.

The Number One Selling Refrigerated Van in North America

With thermal efficiency and a higher resale value – you always get more with Action Utility Québec Inc. Learn more about the 3000R® model on the Utility Trailer website!

You can also learn more about the 3000R® Multi-Temp model, a trailer that makes it possible to transport two different types of cargo at different temperatures simultaneously. 


Contact our team to order our light and solid dry van in Quebec.

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